About Faye Cox Coaching

Faye Cox Coaching was founded in January 2018 by myself Faye Cox. It was born alongside my other business Faye PA Services, which I founded in 2016

As a mother of two beautiful girls and wife to a husband I am immensely proud of, I took the leap from the world of admin and organisation to the very fulfilling and gratifying world of coaching. I absolutely love what I do and gain so much pleasure out of seeing my clients grow and live happier and healthier lives. Every one of their goals that they achieve brings me joy, no matter how big or small. I am here to take you to the next level.

Having completed my training, I now hold two certifications. One through the Master Coach academy with the wonderful Nicki & Toni Vee. The second one through the worldwide ISCA academy making me a certified Law of Attraction coach.

My life experience has enabled me to specialise in supporting women who support a partner, family member or even a friend who has, or who is recovering from an addiction.

So, why chose me?

Imagine taking a journey with someone who really cares about what makes you tick, who wants you to reach your goals and achieve your ideal life as much as you do. Someone who believe in you more than you do, who is ready to be by your side every step of the way.

That person is ME….

I’m your Law of Attraction Master Coach and I’m ready to take you to your goals and dreams. I am here to walk you through some techniques and processes to enable you to live the life you truly deserve.

So, what are you waiting for?