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About Faye Cox Coaching

After years of working in the busy world of Media and PR, I decided it was time to quit the rat race, and go it alone. I was approaching my 40’s, I’d had two children and realised that I had lost myself as a person. I had become ‘MUM’ and mum alone….

After wondering where Faye had gone, I embarked on my journey of self-development and discovery. On this journey I came across a fantastic self-development and coach training expert called Sandy Forster. She was my inspiration to take my journey in a totally different direction.

Having delved deep within myself, I realised that my life values/experience and who I was as a person meant that I would be perfect as a ‘Life and Mindset Coach’.

Having made the amazing discovery about myself, I now help others to delve deep within themselves to discover who they really are and how they can lead a more fulfilled life doing what they really want.

The journey we embark on together is one of true magic and the results are amazing. The person who sits down for our first session is a totally different one to who leaves me after the programme has finished and it’s for that very reason that I LOVE what I do.

My life experience has enabled me to specialise in supporting women who have or who still support a partner, family member or even a friend who has, or who is recovering from an addiction. Those who live in co-addiction lose themselves whilst concentrating so much of their time and energy on their loved one. I help these people feel alive again. I re-build their confidence, assist in their self-devlopment journey and gain clarity on who they really WANT to be.

So, why chose me?

Imagine taking a journey with someone who really cares about what makes you tick, who wants you to reach your goals and achieve your ideal life as much as you do. Someone who believe in you more than you do, who is ready to be by your side every step of the way. Somebody who has been where you are and has the tools and the know-how to get you to where you want to be.

That person is ME….

I’m your Mindset Coach and I’m ready to take you to your goals and dreams. I am here to walk you through some techniques and processes to enable you to live the life you truly deserve.

So, what are you waiting for?

Faye Cox Coaching

T: 07968 381793 | E faye@fayecoxcoaching.co.uk

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