Basic HR Services London

Human resources play an integral role in the running of business, no matter how big or small. In big corporations, a larger team may look after it and at smaller companies it’s usually just one person. At Faye PA Services, we aim to bring basic HR services in London to you from a virtual location.

While that may sound strange and disconcerting, it’s really the way forward for start-ups to get ahead of the game. By utilising our ability to provide your company’s staff with HR services, you can reap all the benefits of a virtual assistant. These include; not having to pay for holidays, no need for any office space and no new phones or computers required.

Human resources teams around the country keep employers’ documents in check, ensuring that all compensations and benefits are adhered to as per their contracts. They are also adept at managing the performance of your company. By using our team at Faye PA Services, we can offer you this and more.

Simply query how many hours you would like to utilise our services for and we will work for those hours, no more or less. You get exactly what you pay for with us, and can perform specific tasks that you need.

To discover the breadth of PA and virtual assistant services we can offer, get in touch.