Small Business Personal Assistant Bexley

Start-ups require a combination of passion, exuberance and business nous. The latter often comes with years of experience, and therefore you may want guidance with some matters you haven’t thought about. At Faye PA Services, we can provide small business personal assistant remotely from Bexley.

Virtual assistants are becoming more useful in the ultra-technological world, and they can save you time and office space. At Faye PA Services, we can provide a number of services depending on what you need. You will only need to pay for the hours that we put in, so say goodbye to thinking about holiday and sick pay for your employees.

From diary management, the creation of Power Point presentations and travel arrangements to book keeping and social media management, our job is to make managing your business easier. By using our virtual assistant services, you will have more time to invest in your start-up and allow us to help you.

On top of our hour-by-hour services, there are several packages that you can pay for each month. From setting up your social media pages to blogging services, Faye PA Services are here for you.

Get in touch to discover what we can do for your start-up.