Start-Up Personal Assistant London

Organisation is key in any business, and especially relevant for start-ups looking to keep ahead of the pack. Personal assistants provide you with the perfect balance of management and organisation. Our team at Faye PA Services are here to tell you why you need a start-up personal assistant in London from a remote location.

With the energy and life snowballing at the beginning of your business venture, it’s easy to overlook important aspects such as hiring a personal assistant. When the emails begin to flood your inbox and calls become more common, it pays in the long-run to have someone there for you.

Not only will our team at Faye PA Services be able to assist in a variety of jobs across the business, but we work remotely. No phone needed, no office space required and no holiday pay to fork out on.

Why should you consider a virtual personal assistant? Apart from the above key benefits, it allows you the ultimate flexibility. You choose how many hours you need from us and we give you exactly that. No need for lunch breaks and wasted time – you get a streamlined version of a PA.

For all your emailing, diary management, letter writing, proof reading and PowerPoint presentation help, our service is perfect for your start-up. To find out more about our wide range of options available to you, get in touch with us today.