Some of the services I can offer my clients….

All my packages are 2 hour 1:1 sessions and include two 20 minute follow-up calls in the two months after our initial meeting.

Brainstorming is a great way of getting come clarity and re-focusing yourself on your business needs. It can help in many areas, whether you’re just starting your business, have a hobby you’d like to turn in to a business or have been in business for some years.

I come from a marketing and media background so one of my natural strengths is being able to simplify your offering, give you direction on your marketing, starting with identifying your brand and guiding you with your Social Media.

I have two brainstorm packages. The first is a full business brainstorm and the second is specifically targeting your social media strategy;

Business Brainstorm

  • Discussing ideas on how to move your business forward
  • Take a closer look at your current marketing and how it could be improved
  • Talk through your branding and any ideas on how to create something stronger
  • Run through where you’d ideally like to be in your business and how to get there.
  • See how you’re using Social Media and if you could be using it more effectively
  • Look at how we can turn your passion in to a profitable business
  • Take a look at your current ideas
  • Talk about networking and it’s benefits
  • Put together some next steps and action points to work towards

Cost: £215.00

Social Media Strategy Brainstorm

  • Look at how you would like to use Social Media
  • Discuss which platforms would be best for your business
  • Put together a calendar for your weekly/monthly posts
  • Find your ideal client and create their avatar
  • Any other struggles you may have with Social Media

Cost: £195.00


I also offer an office organising session. I come in to your work space and take it from chaos to calm. Give you better time management and make you more efficient all in one go.

Office Organiser

This service is an on-site professional office organising service that includes;

  • Organising of your off-line filing system
  • Simplifying your processes
  • Cutting any unnecessary costs
  • De-cluttering your work-space
  • Create better time management
  • Organise your on-line files
  • Cleaning up your e-mail

Cost: £249.00



My team also offer full PA packages at £550.00 a month, diary and e-mail management packages at £375.00 a month and a blogging packages at £199.00 a month. For further details on any of our services call 07968 381793 or e-mail me at faye@fayepa.co.uk