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121 and Group Coaching

Your Investment

Invest in yourself by using the tools I provide in every day life. These tools don’t just last the duration of the programme, they stay with you for life. They help you transform your mindset forever giving you more confidence, clarity, motivation and most importantly a clearer outlook on life. Giving you the freedom to be your true-self.

121 FINDING YOU programme

This is my specialist programme and has been designed to cover all aspects of your life from wealth and career to relationships, health, self-esteem and personal growth.

This programme is perfect for women who have been supporting others for a long time. Or have young children and have lost their own identity along the way. Come and join me and let’s re-discover who YOU really are. Let’s find your inner child and release her once more!

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled outside of your role as supporter/mummy.

121 Mindset for Success Programme

This programme is for those of you who need clarity and accountability in your life. You have goals and aspirations, but are struggling to achieve them by yourself, or even know where to start. This can be in one, or all areas of your life.

Remember, life coaching helps to re-balance all areas of life. Let’s plant the seed and watch how much you grow during our time together.

If payment is made in full upfront for either 121 programmes you will receive 8 subliminal audios absolutely FREE.

These audios include;

  • Creating health and vitality
  • Daily joy and happiness
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Achieving your goals and creating success… and more!

Group Coaching

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for coaching or would like to find out more about how coaching can help you, then book on to one of my group coaching sessions.

These are designed as a place to set your goals, engage a positive mindset and meat other amazing women in a similar position to you. In these sessions we talk about life, business, goals, challenges and everything in between.

Payment for all session is up front and any missed sessions will still be charged unless 24 hours notice has been given.

Harmonise your way to success

FINDING YOU 12 week programme
Two sessions each month
Additional ½ hour calls if and when required
Email support
Affirmation and gratitude journal
Mindset for Success 6 week programme
Two sessions each month
Additional ½ hour calls if and when required
Email support

All costs above include subliminal audios if paid in full up front.

Small Business Coaching and Mentoring, with Faye Cox


Are you putting hours and hours into your Start-up business but not seeing the results you crave?  You have ambition and determination, yet you feel like your business is still waiting to take off.

Frustrating huh?

If this sounds familiar, our Access All Areas programme will help you overcome the barriers to your own success.  The Access All Areas programme is tailored to the challenges your business is facing.

So what’s included?

6 one to one business coaching & mentoring sessions over 6 months including action plan development and follow-up progress calls and emails.

The Access All Areas Programme will cover:

  • Lean business plan
  • Your Vision
  • Networking and how to get the most out of it
  • Defining your target audience
  • Setting your boundaries
  • Finalising your pricing
  • Setting up your processes and systems for success
  • Time management

Access All Areas Programme
1 session each month
Email support
Progress calls
Tailored action plan
Tools and resources

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